Before refrigeration, ice was harvested from the Hudson River and hauled in massive blocks from the river on elevators powered by steam engines. The ice was stored in icehouses, such as the Poughkeepsie Ice House, that lined the Hudson River.


Poughkeepsie Ice House on the Hudson is a historic, exposed brick building with old world charm. With stamped concrete floors and 25-foot ceilings, the building is reminiscent of an earlier era. The windows frame majestic views of the Hudson River, Mid-Hudson Bridge, and Walkway Over The Hudson. And in warmer weather, you can enjoy these views while dining on the expansive patio right on the water's edge.

OUR CHEF: John Heineke

Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, John had the culture of food engrained in him from a very young age. The ideology behind the southern style cooking he grew up around is what laid the foundation for the chef he would become later in life. After working through several different styles of restaurant in Memphis as everything from dishwasher to waiter to line cook, John decided he wanted to make a career doing what he loved. A few applications and phone calls later, he was packing up his bags and on his way to The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. The rigorous training at the CIA is what really dialed in the skills and knowledge he needed for success. It was during this time John met both Mike Lund of the Poughkeepsie Ice House on the Hudson and fellow chef, Morgan Olson. Morgan lived across the hall from John in one of the dormitories at the CIA. They became fast friends and decided throughout their schooling that eventually they needed to work together. John met Mike through a job interview. The Poughkeepsie Ice House was still in its infancy and not yet open to the public. What was intended to be a serving job on the weekends, turned into one of the greatest learning experiences of his life. Menu development, recipe writing, kitchen design and event planning were just a few of the skills that were the challenge undertaken by John and the rest of the small team. A few short months into the venture, Chef Morgan joined the team and the restaurant became their think-tank. After working there for almost two years, John moved to New York City to pursue a career in restaurant management. The kitchen kept calling his name. After deciding he wanted to jump back in the fire, John found a job as a sous chef for Jose Andres in Las Vegas, Nevada. Within a year and a half, he was promoted to executive sous chef and over the course of the following years, he helped build and lead a team in one of the best and most popular restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. Now, all these years later, John and his best friend Morgan are coming back to their roots to breathe a new life into the local culinary scene.